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Manuel Losada Rodríguez  

All -Tech Product Strategist

Functional Design Synthesizer

Concept Products

Welcome to my conceptual projects gallery! Here you will find a collection of my most creative and innovative works, where I test products in a POC (proof of concept) mode without reaching commercialization. These projects demonstrate how I analyze and explore multiple technologies, representing an integral part of my professional development and passion for innovation.

If you are interested in my commercially applied projects, I invite you to click on the “Professional Projects” button. In this section, you can view projects related to products specifically created for the market, including their commercialization, implementation, and other crucial aspects of the product lifecycle.

I invite you to explore these conceptual projects, and if any of them interest you for collaboration or leveraging the technological foundation, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the tour of this showcase of my skills and conceptual projects!

Sorry, but I have recently migrated the website and I couldn’t migrate the description of each project. Now you will find links to the multimedia material of the projects. Gradually I will add a detailed description page for each product, but I will do it little by little because I have more projects in parallel and I relegate the “own marketing” behind the projects. If you are curious about the projects or if you need more info, don’t hesitate to contact me..


Creation from scratch of a fully functional and commercially available application to facilitate direct communication between close contacts. Apps, server, etc

TRL 9-

English Conversationalist Android application.

This is a non-commercial application designed specifically to explore and test the full range of functionalities provided by the OpenAI API. It serves as a tool for understanding and experimenting with the capabilities of the API, including language understanding, text generation, automatic moderation, ,detection and recommendation of violent or non-reasoning ideas and other advanced features

TRL 9-

Advanced interactive tourism website – new concept-

A unique Website designed for photographers and enthusiasts of urban photography. The essence of the site is to guide users in finding the perfect moments to take photos in front of iconic buildings and landmarks across various cities.

TRL 9-

Dynamic angle of attack spoiler for motorbikes

Design and implementation of a dynamic spoiler for motorbikes.With an officially registered patent. This spoiler uses for its movement the patent registered in my name. The purpose of this spoiler is to offer more stability when riding a motorbike in a sporty way. Specific HW with SW and angle-of-attack adaptation algorithms.

TRL 4- officially patented device

El tio Perruca -digital experience

Interactive web related to the re-edition of the book el tio perruca, a historical novel of the area of the mountains of leon, el Bierzo, Spain. The book has been reedited and a website has been created to help the interpretation of the book and its environment with technologies that facilitate the immersion in the nature of the area.

TRL 9-

Interactive rural tourism system

Creation of a system with a web and physical base that allows visitors to a rural area, in this case in Igüeña, Spain, to be able to know which routes to follow with digital content about them that allows their interpretation before taking the route.

TRL 9-

-Procesing new AI project-

A new AI project is in the pipeline.

TRL 1-

Velutina wasp trap

Design and implementation of a trap for the invasive species velutina wasp. This trap is selective and allows passive capture of the velutine wasp, allowing other insects that might fall into it to escape.

TRL 9-

integrated business management programme EXE

Creation of a windows program that allows a company to control internal company projects. The programme allows to keep the accounting of invoices and hours of projects and human resources of the company, to make summaries, etc. Programme with central server.

TRL 9-

Integral security system for personal vehicles

Installation of passive and preventive security systems to prevent theft from the most innovative methods of theft and to control the vehicle in case of theft.
The solution is implemented in several systems, some integrated with the elements of the car itself and others totally independent. Adapted to modern and old cars.

TRL 8-

Real-time monitoring system for bee hives

Creation of a complete hive monitoring system. This monitoring is based on the study of data on temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. inside and outside the hive 24/7. This collected information is sent to a server where it is processed to find behavioural patterns.

TRL 3-

Smart watch charging device

Design and implementation of a device that facilitates the use of smartwatch chargers. Given their natural design, it is difficult to transport these charging devices. This device facilitates their use.

TRL 8- officially patent request

Minimalist smart rear light

Using the license plate holder as a base, this device has a minimal impact on the aesthetics of the vehicle, being able to make more minimalist designs.
Thanks to the design, being a small device, it offers a sufficient illumination surface to be able to perform the functions of the vehicle lights with total safety. Creation of the necessary HW, the SF for control on the bike and control from a mobile app.

TRL 8-officially patented device

Fastening for motorbike transportation

Design and implementation of a device that allows motorbikes to be secured in transport. The device allows it to be mounted on the use of the motorbike as it has a double functionality as an anti-fall device. The device allows to reduce the damaged parts of the motorbike in a fall.

TRL 7-officially patented device

Formula 1 camera support

Creation of a vibration-absorbing support for the use of a 360° camera on an F1 jaguar V10. This allows immersive video recording of the F1 experience.

TRL 9-

Astrophotography enhancement device

Creation of a passive device that, through the use of light absorption paint technology, allows to reduce noise in night photographs taken with the smartphone. Device adapted for Pixel 4 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro.

TRL 7-

Travel cover for keyboard surface

Design of a keyboard protector for the microsoft surface model that prevents the keys from being damaged during transport of the keyboard.

TRL 7-

Entertainment proposal for Ascari Users

Solution proposal system for users of the Ascari private circuit to have an augmented reality experience of their memories during their visit to the circuit.

TRL 1-

Conceptaul motorbike paint design

Creation of a 3D model for concept testing to paint a bike with a design that enhances the lines of the GSXR 1000-K9 bike.

TRL 3-

COVID protective screen for hospitals

creation of a screen at the time of covid that was cheap and quick to build in order to be able to provide a protection service to medical personnel in view of the shortage of sanitary protection material that existed at that time.

TRL 6-

colegio Araya prevention covid

Creation of a proposal for the protection before the covid for the araya special education school in Madrid. This project has been carried out on a non-profit basis.

TRL 8-

concept print

Plant pot, by chatGPT

I created this project in which I designed a totally “random” product from the instructions and research based on chetGPT. The product is a specific pot for xerophytic palms. This product has been designed in island mode, as the source of information has been using GPT4.

TRL 4- officially patent request


Design of a 3D cubesat satellite design, together with the participation in the definition of its orbit and communication functions in a hypothetical orbit launching.

TRL 2-

standard medical container

Creation of the 3D model of an innovation project where the creation of medicalized containers to be transported to different parts of the world in case of need was proposed.

TRL 2-

360° motorcycle stand GSXR

Design and implementation of a support for 360° cameras that allows for a greater investment experience. These recordings are uploaded to youtube to enjoy them with VR.

TRL 9- officially patent request

360° motorcycle stand GSXF

Design and implementation of a support for 360° cameras that allows for a greater investment experience. These recordings are uploaded to youtube to enjoy them with VR.

TRL 9- officially patent request

Motorbike VR 360 experience

Entertainment channel to be able to transmit the experience of riding a motorbike with VR 360 glasses.

TRL 9-



Proposed Modification of Road Speeds and Driving Licences

I propose reforming outdated public road speed limits as an initial step and advocate for education over rule imposition to shape a responsible society. Join me in harmonizing our legal framework with our technological reality.

Riesgos del Dropshipping- ESP-

En esta presentación, exploraremos los desafíos y riesgos asociados al modelo de negocio del dropshipping, particularmente en relación a la Declaración de Conformidad (DoC) y las garantías de productos en el contexto europeo. Discutiremos cómo el rápido crecimiento y la accesibilidad del dropshipping, potenciado por las nuevas tecnologías, ha llevado a un desconocimiento generalizado acerca de las responsabilidades legales y de certificación..

Análisis de Loterías

Análisis rápido realizado a modo de entretenimiento sobre las loterias.



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