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Manuel Losada Rodríguez  

All -Tech Product Strategist

Functional Design Synthesizer

Fastening for motorbike transportation

Transporting motorcycles to various circuits has always been an intricate affair. Based on data from insurance reports and road safety statistics, it is apparent that a significant number of accidents and damages occur during the transportation phase. The resulting costs in repairs, not to mention the potential risk to personal safety, have highlighted the need for a more effective system to secure motorcycles in transit.

That’s where the Moto-Trans Secure Transport System comes in, tackling this persistent issue with an innovative, quick, and safe approach. This product isn’t merely a transport solution, but a dual-purpose device designed to prevent your motorcycle from falling over both during transit and while on the circuit.

The defining feature of the Moto-Trans Secure Transport System lies in its revolutionary design that allows the motorcycle to be secured via its own axles. This system mimics the natural tensions that the chassis and suspension endure during normal use, thereby reducing undue stress on the bike.

Currently, existing methods place the suspensions under unnecessary strain. Often, the bike is strapped at various points, some of which are not designed to bear such pressures, potentially causing damage. Over time, this strain can lead to structural weaknesses or failures, compromising the integrity and safety of the bike.

The Moto-Trans Secure Transport System eliminates these risks. It is designed to protect your motorcycle from damage, ensuring its longevity while providing you with peace of mind. You can now transport your motorcycle with the confidence that it is secured as it should be, allowing you to focus more on the journey ahead.


One of the key aspects of my Moto-Trans Secure Transport System is the simple and secure anchoring mechanism that I’ve carefully developed. I’ve designed it to be user-friendly without compromising on safety or efficacy, ensuring that you can securely attach your motorcycle without any hassles.

In my experience, I’ve seen many struggle with anchoring their motorcycles on trailers, particularly if they’re newcomers to the process. It often requires some knowledge about the best anchoring points to avoid damage to the bike. With the Moto-Trans Secure Transport System, I’ve eradicated this issue. The system intuitively uses the bike’s axles for anchorage, eliminating any guesswork and enabling you to secure your motorcycle with ease and confidence.

To ensure that I’m delivering a product that stands up to every situation, I’ve committed to extensive testing. Currently, my Moto-Trans Secure Transport System is in a two-year trial phase. I chose this duration because the sporadic usage of such a device throughout the year doesn’t allow for effective functionality and usability tests within a shorter timeframe.

Your trust is my utmost priority. I strive to offer a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. This trial period is evidence of my dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction. For me, the Moto-Trans Secure Transport System is not just a device—it’s my commitment to improving your motorcycle transport experience.