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Manuel Losada Rodríguez  

All -Tech Product Strategist

Functional Design Synthesizer

Integrated business management app

Project developed and implemented in 2010.

This project involved the development of a software application in C# to manage and control various aspects of a company’s operations. The company had several administrative positions, responsible for registering all stages of the projects, listing and presenting information, invoice tracking, monitoring hours per project, and tracking hours assigned to each worker for every project.

The software was designed to facilitate daily data input from different programs used by the administrative staff. At the end of each month, the application generated automatic reports for monthly closing and provided a balance overview for all projects.

In terms of technical implementation, the software was developed using C# for Windows, and it utilized a centralized Windows Server with SQL for data storage. This server managed all the information related to the projects, ensuring easy access and retrieval for users as needed.

One of the key advantages of using C# for this project is its ability to create a sophisticated and user-friendly interface. By leveraging the power of C# and incorporating an advanced UI, the software significantly enhances the user experience (UX), making it easier for employees to navigate and interact with the application. This results in increased productivity and reduced learning curve for new users. Furthermore, the centralized SQL system plays a crucial role in streamlining the coordination among all workers. By consolidating information in a single location, the SQL server not only simplifies data management but also ensures that the system’s performance does not rely on the hardware capabilities of individual worker’s computers. This centralized approach minimizes potential bottlenecks or data loss caused by hardware failures or limitations, ultimately promoting a more efficient and reliable working environment for all staff members.