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Manuel Losada Rodríguez  

All -Tech Product Strategist

Functional Design Synthesizer

Proposed Modification of Road Speeds and Driving Licences and Driving Licences

Greetings and welcome,

My name is Manuel Losada, and I’m pleased to invite you into my digital abode, a sanctuary where ideas transform into propositions, and propositions eventually catalyze change. I have dedicated my professional career to technology, witnessing firsthand its rapid advancement and the manifold ways it enhances our lives. Yet, as technology surges ahead, I’ve found myself increasingly concerned about the widening chasm between its progress and the static nature of our legislation. Our laws, often cemented in times when today’s technological realities were but mere figments of imagination, struggle to keep pace with the transformations around us.

In light of these observations, I present a proposal for the alteration of speed limits on public roads. The current limits, set long before the advent of advanced vehicle safety systems and predictive AI technology, seem antiquated and disconnected from the reality of modern transportation. I’m aware that my proposition might appear embryonic, a mere seed in the expansive field of legislative reform. However, I’m not an expert in law-making but a tech enthusiast who sees an essential need for change, hence my proposal.

My endeavor to bridge the gap between technology and legislation does not stop here; it is merely the starting point. There are countless areas where we need to revisit the legislative framework to ensure it complements our technological advances.

Another profound concern of mine lies in the growing tendency to impose rules rather than educating people. A society steeped in knowledge and understanding will require fewer restrictions, as individuals will make better decisions that contribute to the greater good. Our focus should shift from rule enforcement to education, fostering a culture where responsible and informed choices are second nature.

I invite you to explore these ideas and join me in this quest to harmonize our legislative landscape with our technological capabilities. Your engagement and contributions are invaluable to this journey. Together, let’s mold a future where technology and law move in tandem, creating a more efficient, equitable, and enlightened society.

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